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artist statement

My life is put on hold when I play with clay. It is the one activity that engages me so totally my thoughts are simply unable to wander. I dream a shape, and I have to make it.

Most of my pieces begin on the potters' wheel, and then I find new ways to subtly reshape them into more fluid and organic forms, forms that fit and flow quietly with each other like elements in a landscape.

Each piece is shaped slowly and lovingly in my hands, to be enjoyed slowly and lovingly in your hands. Alone in quiet contemplation, together in creating shared memories. And when you put them down, I hope they become mini sculpture installations for your home.

I often choose not to hide the exterior surface under glaze, so that the organic beauty of naked clay can be appreciated. So you can feel the texture and warmth of fired earth, a celebration of Mother Earth.

Beauty, for me, lies in undecorated simplicity.


porcelain jewelry

My wearable miniature sculptures are hand-built from white or black porcelain clay that is lightly sanded but not glazed. Earring wires are individually crafted from Argentium sterling silver, and necklace cords are shaped from tempered stainless steel coils, memory wire or faux suede.


care guide

Pottery: Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Wall Sculpture, Bird Feeders, Houses and Baths: May be installed indoors or outdoors (frost-resistant).

Porcelain Jewelry: All components can be washed with liquid soap. On a hot summerís day, I simply get in the shower while still wearing them! Just be sure to dry off any metal wires; faux suede can be left to air dry. If necessary, the porcelain parts can be gently scrubbed with dishwashing liquid and a scrub sponge (apply abrasion, not pressure). Sterling and stainless wire can be polished with a jewelry cloth when needed.