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place setting

regatta: four cups on boat tray

mutiny teapot, stacking cups and saucers

stacking nesting stone plates platters

mutiny vases

mutiny creamer and sugar

mutiny jug lemonade set

spout nesting >bowls

circle teapot, sugar, creamer, cups, mugs

roundabout: circle mugs in tray

roundabout: circle mugs in tray, detail

chocolate tea set, teapot, cups and saucers

lavender blue table setting

pebble tea set, teapot, sugar, creamer

knob mugs

point nesting bowls

hemisphere teapot, ring teacups

shell nesting bowls

brioche teapot, sugar, creamer

ring platter

desert rock bud vases

tear water drop sculpture

global perspective sculpture

Trio in Disc Minor sculpture

day sculpture

night light

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